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Month Special 25 1/8 "Sour Spyder”

Month Special 25 1/8 "Sour Spyder”

5g for 25, 10g for 50

Our deal strain for this month!


Sour Spyder is a combination of two autoflowering strains built for their resilience in the garden and speed of production. The strain blends Black Creek Garden’s Spyder (which has a background in Sputnik #2 and Lowryder) and MDanzig’s Sour60, a snappy 60-day autoflower that is based in Master Kush, DJ Short’s Blueberry, Sour Bubble, and Diesel Ryder. Sour Spyder is a colorful, squat indica-dominant strain that produces small, tight nuggets bearing the smell of floral cotton candy and sour fuel. Its moderately sedating effects can be enjoyed by anyone looking to kick back and relax, but Sour Spyder may offer other benefits to patients including stress and nausea relief.

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